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  Frank Avellanet   favellanet@miacardio.com  Phone: 
1400 NW 10th Avenue,
Ste. 206A
Miami,Florida 33136



Miami Cardiovascular Innovations Corp. (MCI), in partnership with the Miller School of Medicine at the University of Miami, invents, develops, tests and manufactures innovative medical devices. The MCI Team of experienced engineers, physicians and molecular biologists, are available to consult with outside physician inventors in order to assist them in the development and commercialization of new products.

MCI’s unique approach to product development is to combine, whenever necessary, clinical medicine, molecular biology and biomedical engineering. Through this interdisciplinary approach, the Company’s focus is to provide scientific and/or technical expertise to develop next-generation medical devices. MCI can provide a wide array of expertise in product development services, including animal testing and clinical trials. We cover such areas as cardiology (vascular and coronary), gastroenterology, urology and many others.

Call us today to discuss your idea and we will arrange a meeting with one or more of our highly qualified team members. MCI offers two fundamental options, we can partner with an inventor to develop a new product or we can help inventors partner with major medical products distributors to commercialize their inventions.


To be a leader in the development of cardiovascular diagnostic and therapeutic devices with a special focus on the next generation of products which merge clinical medicine, vascular biology and biomedical engineering.


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